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Quality Engineering


Quality must be considered an extremely important function in almost any company. But, here at Bay Alphi it does not stop with the quality of the product – we also pride ourselves on the quality of our people, our systems and our service.

In addition to generic operational training, our employees are trained further to be product and customer specific. Understanding the product(s) down-stream and final application helps the employees to focus on the individual customer requirements, which leads to a better quality of service and helps us achieve our goal to become the “Supplier of Choice” to our customers.


Our business is led by engineering. Our product engineering team is always available to assist with initial part design, running engineering changes or help in design for manufacture. CAD capabilities employed are Solid Works and AutoCAD.

In addition to our product engineering group, our Manufacturing Engineering department is always working to ensure that we are successful in our relentless pursuit of continuous process improvements, as we strive to achieve maximum process repeatability and efficiency.

Our Project Management system ensures that all project data is captured and that appropriate actions are assigned and tracked to make certain that successful completion of each individual project is achieved in a timely manner.

Our team is able and ready – why don’t you put us to the test?