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The Fabrication division focuses on Exhaust and Enclosure Insulation for Automotive, On/Off-Road and Recreational Vehicles. We have a long-standing history of excellent Customer Service, high Quality Products and very Competitive Prices. We would like to invite you to learn more about Bay Fabrication - our People, Products and Processes.

Cold End

Roving Pre-Forms

  • E-Glass Roving with Resin to Rigidize
  • Packed for Pre-Forms or Filled Bags

Glass Mat Sleeves

  • Glass Mat Materials
  • Die-Cut/Thermoformed and Cut for Perf Tube Sleeve


Hot End

Substrate & End-Cone Insulation

  • Ceramic, Silica, and Alumina Mat Materials
  • Calcine Mats and Laminate/Waterjet to Size